Good Morning

Friday, March 30, 2007

Easter Is Almost Here....

I have been very busy the last few weeks.My boy, Friday now has himself a girl furriend! Time flies, my little punk is now two years old. Will be going on his first date next Saturday, April 7th. The wee girl's name is Trixie, pretty girl, she is.

We've all been keeping well. The snow is almost all gone. But it did snow out some time overnight, enough to make everything white again.Could be worse, I guess. At least we're not flooding! It's a cold and dreary day out, but Spring is finally here all the same.

I have been very busy on Catster and highly recommend that site to everyone. There is also Dogster, this is where Bobbie's site is. We have met and made many good fur friends.

Well, I need to leave again....Meow at ya soon!...Buddy

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Buddy Site At

St. Patrick's Day is here, spring is in the air, *doing a little Highland Fling*.

Did you noticed I added a link to a cool place for all fur babies and their parents. They even have a special place call Rainbow Bridge for all the fur babies who have passed on. Anyone can visit this place. They also have a place for humans who have passed on. People can pay tribute in both these area. A most wonderful site!

You should come check out Friday and my site Meowny made with us. We all worked hard on Bobbie's site, too.

Not much is new...meow at ya later...Buddy

Saturday, March 10, 2007

♥Spring Has Sprung♥

Finally! The snow is melting. I can actually see the gravel on the drive way. I haven't seen this site since early November. The sun is shining brighter, I know it is, trust me. There's nothing like laying in a nice warm soft spot and letting the sun's rays bathe you in its warmth, ahhhhh....

Mommy signed Friday and me up at a new club, called Artistic Expressions. We know how to put hearts around things now and do a decorative background. We even have falling objects on our site. I can't waite till Meowmy sees our pages, especially Bobbie's. We both worked on his first and then did ours by ourselves. Feel free to look us up anytime you like at

Friday picked out the movie for our Saturday night family movie night; Pirates of the Carribean 2, that's right we haven't seen it yet. Hey, don't laugh, you want to know something - Meowmy hasn't seen that ancient movie called E.T.! Now that's something to laugh at!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bobbie Got His Wings......

Mommy was very busy today on the puter. Working on Catster and Dogster. Friday and me, we're on there. And Mommy dog, Bobbie is on Dogster. He's going to have a permanent residency at Rainbows Bridge and we can all visit him whenever we like. Mommy can decorate it and put music on it. It will be swell for her because she never got to do anything for her Bobbie and he's buried far away. Today someone really nice helped Mommy see Bobbies wings on him!! Doesn't he look lovely. Handsome little guy, too.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm On A Roll......

What a day I had yesturday. It was all good. Mom found out about my blogging and she wasn't even mad! She said I was big enough to do it, and even said if I need help she will try. The word is TRY, lets face it, my mom doesn't know a whole lot about computers and the internet. We've only had the interenet since Nov/06! I know, holy cow, talk about being behind the times.

My mom DID FIND somn' exciting while checking out the blogspot. She ended up on a page called catster. You'll find an enterance to it from on top of yesturdays entery. We can get into from there anyway! If you have a problem, let me know and I'll send you the info. Anyway, what an excitin' place! Friday and me, well we're on there, we have our own individual pages with all our stats and we even started makin' a whole bunch of new friends! I invited them all to come see me here! Maybe they'll get to blogging here to!!

You should see most of the pages on my new friends at catster! FANCYEEE!! Oh boy Oh boy, I really want momma to help make somen' like that for me and Friday! They have nice backgrounds, decorations on the pointy mousy thingy, all jazzed up around their pictures, MUSIC to boot,glittery stickers and decorations that slowly fall! Oh how I want that! Somebody PLEASE help my momma, tell her what to do, how to do it. My momma wants this for me to, you can just see it in her eyes. She said I deserved something real nice like that, something about with me being old.

OLD! did she say OLD!!! Nobody ever said anything about me being old, why I outta.....I AM NOT OLD!!! You know there is kittys on there that are in memory mom was reading their stories and started crying real hard. I finally had to jump up on the desk and give her a look! Hey mom don't cry, we're all here together! If she cries like that now for kittys she doesn't know............

Well I have decided I'm not going anywhere, anytime without my mom!!! I'm staying right here beside her forever!! I think my mom deserves to be able to have the know how on decorating pages of her children. So I'm putting out an S.O.S for people who can help my mom, please get a hold of her and make her day, no, make her week!!!!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Buddy PrrrrPrrrr

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Your Personal Catster Account Page

Your Personal Catster Account Page

Look it what I found!!

He he he!!!!love it love it LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! About time I found something like this, now how am I going to get my mom to check this out. It's just the greatest place for info, and I really like the colors. Don't believe me? See for yourself.....

Mom had to go downstairs last night, and I got down there, too. I'm not suppose to, she freaks out, running after me, telling me to stop, like that's going to happen. Something about a thing called a cistern, I think. Any, way it's neat down there, actually anywhere I can't go makes me want to go even more. Like outside. Can you believe it, I 'm not allowed outside! Sheesh....but I have gotten out, he he, and nothin bad's happend. That's not true, I got a BIG spankin after the first time I got out. I ran and mom ran after me and slipped and fell right on her face. When she got ahold of me, it was by my tail. I was mad and I hissed and bit mom real hard on the arm, drew blood, I did!!. Mom just hung onto me real hard until we got back into the house, and then she spanked me. That night I realized my mom really loved me because she was yelling at me and crying real hard. I promised my self right there and then I would try to be real good and never make my mom cry again! So whenever I go out, which isn't often, I just walk out the door and down the stairs. Mom's right there, scooping me up. I feel so safe, knowing mom's always there for me. I let mom know sometimes I want out but she says nope. That's o.k., springs around the corner. Can't wait for the inside doors to be open and the screens to be up on the outside doors and windows. I think I'm starting to suffer from cabin fever..........til tomorrow

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Well, Helloooo and come on in out of the cold! Glad you could make it. March already, fast winter, eh? Not fast enough though for the ferrals my mom feeds everyday.

A little about myself. I'm smart. handsome, playful, gentle, intellegent, peaceful, but at times bossy. Believe me, I have to be, especially after my mom brought Friday home. Actually, she found him on Good Friday, 2005, screaming his head off. He was real t iny and starving. I fell in love with the little punk right away. But he made me mad and jealous when he jumped up on the bed. You need to understand it was only me and mom for eight years. I got over it pretty quick. Mom told me Friday was my Easter present and I was to be his papa. So I trained him and raised him the best way I knew. I am bossy at times but Friday needs to be remined that I'm the boss!